The idea to perform wraps was created in 2012 on the basis of the experience of Bc. Zuzana Drnek whilestaying in the USA.

In 2013 – the first „trial“ wrap was conducted, the company was being founded, the results of the tested
persons were compared.

In 2014 – Hollywood Body Wraps company was founded, when we delivered a Hollywood Body Wraps whole-body weight loss wrap to the Czech Republic.
The first individual training and first partner was in Karviná, 16.9.2014. The first training for the larger group for Hollywood Body Wraps SLIM wrap was conducted in October
14th, 2014 in Prague.

Beginning of 2015 testing of Body Wraps Anticellulite and Body Wraps Detox.

May 2015 – Training Florida USA, many new knowledge, creation of 3 types of Body Wraps (division by

May – June 2015 establishment of Body Wraps (SLIM, DETOX and ANTICELLULITE).

2016 – the novelt is a wrap designed specifically for atheletes and manual workers – Body Wraps
SPORT. 31.8.2016 – 1st training Body Wraps only for selected partners.

2017 – Body Wraps TEA – Stimulating Tea – put into the market.
17.10.2017 – New innovation from the first home edition – Body Wraps BELLY – set for better fat

2018: Expansion of partners in Slovakia



Uděluji souhlas se zpracováním osobních údajů.


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